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Testimonials What Our Clients Are Saying

MaryEllen is a true professional, providing not only the skills to execute on strategy, but the vision to move forward with success. She stays on the cutting edge of new developments in marketing by continuously engaging in opportunities to develop her knowledge and skills, sharing relevant insight with her clients. This is of tremendous value to those of us who can barely keep up with the ever-changing – and somewhat mysterious – marketing landscape. MaryEllen works tirelessly on behalf of her clients. She has great integrity and is always a pleasure to work with.
~ Susan Brunelli, Teambuilders Worldwide


SlaterStudios is a client-focused creative professional agency with a deep and practical understanding and implementation of business strategies. They execute well in a remarkable blend of design, technical and strategic.
~ Bruce Davidson, VP Creative Services, CoreWeb Inc.


I would highly recommend SlaterStudios to any company looking for a highly-skilled, strategic marketing professional. We have hired Mary Ellen for a myriad of projects including web design, search engine optimization, campaign development and execution. In all cases we have been extremely satisfied with her work and even more satisfied with the increase in our business as a result of her counsel.

~ Tracy Murphy, Executive Charter Services


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