Is your business ready to communicate to today’s audience?

About SlaterStudios

SlaterStudios was founded in 1999 as a boutique consultancy for small businesses with a focus on integrated marketing. Having worked in large companies and start-ups we have the experience that business owners need. Our goal is to create high quality marketing tools and digital strategy for small business through affordable and highly responsive services.

Since 1999 a lot has changed in the technology landscape. These changes bring a lot of opportunity, but also a huge burden for business owners trying to make sense of what tools will really help their business. We believe that the essential mission of marketing remains unchanged and that it is our job to understand the tools and help you use the most effective set for your business.

We help you present a clear message to customers, partners and employees by applying the principles of clarity and focus to the visual and verbal parts of your communication. Applying these concepts rigorously will help you stand out in a competitive field and win new business.

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